Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Beat the Drum slowly: National Guard at attention

I knew there was something I forgot to eat. (Hughes just gave me a bowl of warm milk and told me not to worry. She said she'd take care of everything in the morning.)

According to CBS News , here's a summary of the four new documents they've uncovered:

** A direct order to Bush to take a physical examination in 1972. Physical exams are an annual requirement for pilots.
** A 1972 memo that refers to a phone call from Bush in which he and Killian "discussed options of how Bush can get out of coming to drill from now through November" because "he may not have time." This was presumably in preparation for Bush's departure for Alabama that year, but is nonetheless damning since there's no reason that working on a Senate campaign should have prevented him from showing up for drills one weekend per month.
** A 1972 order grounding Bush. This order refers not just to Bush's failure to take a physical, but also to "failure to perform to (USAF/TexANG) standards."
** A 1973 memo titled "CYA" in which Killian talks about being pressured to give Bush a favorable yearly evaluation. He refuses, saying, "I'm having trouble running interference and doing my job."

This story is a perfect demonstration of the difference between the Swift Boat controversy and the National Guard controversy. Both are tales from long ago and both are related to Vietnam, but the documentary evidence in the two cases is like night and day. In the Swift Boat case, practically every new piece of documentary evidence indicates that Kerry's accusers are lying. Conversely, in the National Guard case, practically every new piece of documentary evidence provides additional confirmation that the charges against Bush are true.


Maybe nobody will notice. Drudge is focused on a hurricane (145 mph blow job), while CNN is hot after Genesis, which Rush says is a metaphor for the Kerry campaign.

See? Maybe I have nothing to worry about at all.


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