Saturday, September 04, 2004

Broccoli, not red meat

Bush cuts down the middle on broccoli question

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, United States (AFP) - Facing a issue that once tripped up his father, US President George W. Bush told adoring supporters that he likes broccoli. Part of it, anyway.

"It's okay. I'm not nearly as turned off by it as (was) my dad," former president George Bush (news - web sites), he said at a campaign rally in this crucial state.

"If you want to get into it, I kind of like the top of the broccoli," but not the rest, he told a packed high school sports arena that had roared with laugher moments earlier when a young woman asked his view of the vegetable.

Former president George Bush had drawn criticism from nutritionists and angered broccoli growers for his famous disdain for the vegetable -- including a pledge at a 1990 press conference that he would never eat any again.

Campaign aides laughed off mock-serious questions about whether the younger Bush was trying to have it both ways in an election year.
41 just knew this was going to come up for Georgie - and Rove told him how to handle it, and he did great. Oh, and I just know the person who asked this was planted by Cahill. Swift Boats is getting them nowhere, so try produce.

(The thing is, um, can you guess who gets the REST of the broccoli? Yum).