Friday, September 03, 2004

Do Bushies want Clinton to die?

I was eating dinner on Air Force One while Georgie campaigned here in Cedar Rapids. (Condi cut up some steak for me. It was, naturally Iowa steak. It was cooked just right. Beautiful brown color, great black grill marks, pink on the inside. Gosh, if Cheney had served it, it would have been just raw, red meat. I like red meat, just not so raw).

Anyway, I was surfing the net on Tenet's old computer (wow, the things you find in those PDBs. And all those pictures of bin Ladin in panties. I guess it's some kind of CIA disguise) and found this question posed back in Texas: Do Bush Supporters Want Bill Clinton to die?

They're kidding, right? I like BC - especially his dog.

Now, I never met Buddy, but I was jealous of him growing up. Buddy went everywhere. He was a great first dog. I was very sorry when he died. Dogs are like that. Loyal. Socks, though, is another story. I always hoped Reno would step on him or that he'd get caught in the chopper blades of Marine One.

I'd never boo BC. I wish I could go to McDonald's as often as he does, though. Purina five times a week is a little dry. Just like Kerry.