Saturday, September 04, 2004

Karen Hughes: Mad as Zell and not going to take it anymore

I've been watching football all day in the Air Force One Situation Room, so I forgot to post this earlier.

Hughes was tossing my rubber bone and playing, soon after Clinton went to the hospital on Friday. I was telling her how much I adored Clinton's dog, Buddy, and how sad I was when he died. I wistfully said something like, "It'd be nice if Georgie wished Clinton well."

Hughes said it was brilliant. We were campaigning in West Allis, Wisc., and I was on the campaign bus. Hughes dropped me a brick of Wisconsin cheddar and ran to the back of the bus to tell Rove. He loved it, too.

A few minutes later, Georgie told the crowd about Clinton and his upcoming heart bypass surgery. Georgie said everyone should send him "best wishes for a swift and speedy recovery. ... He's is in our thoughts and prayers."

It was great! It went out on CNN and Fox. Hughes loved it, and we started playing Go Fish.

Well, it wasn't five minutes later, while Hughes was scanning the wire with her Blackberry, when she burst out of the bus, screaming blooding murder, and bolted for the press tent. (She usually only gets like that when Georgie says "Nuke-You-Ler.")

"They didn't boo," she yelled at the AP writer, who began cowering the same way McClellan does every time Rumsfeld comes over for dinner. Where you and I in the same rally? What is this crap?"

Beaten to a pulp, AP admitted its boo-boo.

It's all understandable, mind you. You can't spell Associated Press without ass.


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