Friday, September 03, 2004

More on our poll leads - doggone it!

Still, no one will credit by RNC video. Even Rove is in denial. While he was changing my water bowl, he kept claiming it was Crazy Zell. “Zell made Bush and Cheney look like the voice of reason," Rove told me.

Ugh. I think I'm going to leave a little surprise in his lambskin loafers.

At Command Post, they're saying this:

Times: Bush Opens Double Digit Lead
03:49 PM EDT | Posted By Alan

At Talking Points Memo, they're saying this:

Time Magazine's poll of likely voters, conducted over the course of the convention: Bush 52%, Kerry 41%, Nader 3%. Zogby, over the same period and also of likely voters, Bush 46%, Kerry 44%. ARG, covering through Wednesday Sept. 1st, also among likely voters, Bush 48%, Kerry 47%


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