Tuesday, September 14, 2004

NRO: We'd Rather have no Schieffer at prez. debates

Over at the NRO, they think Bob Schieffer suffers from guilt by association (I asked Rove what that meant, as he was rummaging through a roll of the Texas Air National Guard while he walked me. He cringed and shoved me into a rose bush.

Schieffer should be replaced by someone from some other organization. This is not to say that Schieffer himself is not a decent guy or a professional, nor it is to suggest that he personally had any role in the National Guard story. But the CBS controversy is about more than one stubborn icon, Dan Rather. The credibility of the entirety of CBS News is at stake. If outsiders are being stonewalled, it is up to insiders who care about the reputation of CBS to step up — insiders like Schieffer.

And they better not bring on Walter Cronkite, either.