Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Dead: The ultimate swing voters

Command Post reports, via AP, that the dead may have an impact on the election.

In what would be her last conscious act, 90-year-old Trixie Porter gripped a pen in her weak, trembling hand, checked the candidates of her choice and scrawled a squiggled signature on her absentee ballot.

Within an hour, the petite woman who had been suffering from heart problems lay back in her hospital bed, closed her eyes and never woke up. Her ballot arrived at her local elections board two days later, Oct. 5 — the day she died.

“We commented that day that it probably won’t count,” said daughter Cheryl McConnell. “But she went to her grave not knowing any different. It counted with her.

I didn't think anything of this. ... until I saw Buddy Clinton was registered in Ohio - 16,521 times!