Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate surrogates: No Barney?

C’mon, Rove. What gives?

Here’s the list Rove emailed out right after he walked me around Washington University. It’s all the advisers and surrogates talking for Georgie after the debate tonight. See any problem?

The Honorable Karl Rove Advisor to President Bush

The Honorable Dan Bartlett Advisor to President Bush

Governor Marc Racicot-- Bush-Cheney 2004 Campaign Chairman

Ken MehlmanBush-Cheney 2004 Campaign Manager

Matthew Dowd Bush-Cheney 2004 Chief Strategist

Nicolle DevenishBush-Cheney 2004 Communications Director

Steve SchmidtBush-Cheney 2004 Deputy Communications Director

Mark WallaceBush-Cheney 2004 Deputy Campaign Manager

Tucker EskewSenior Advisor to Bush-Cheney 2004

Ed GillespieRNC Chairman

Ann WagnerRNC Co-Chairman and MissouriStateChairwoman

Other Surrogates

Gov. George Pataki Governor of New York

Ron Silver Actor

Rosario MarinFormer Treasurer of the United States

Joseph Joe Goletz --Owner, Goletz Financial* (Kirtland, Ohio) (Health Savings Account Beneficiary)

Gary Brown --Warehouse Supervisor, SRC Automotive* (Tax Family)

Wayne Lamb --President, Sedalia Steel Supply, Inc.* (Sedalia, Missouri) (Small Business Owner)

Wanda Blackmore --Senior (Kansas City, Missouri) (Senior with Prescription Drug Card)

Where am I?

You put RON SILVER on the list?

What next, Rob Lowe analyzes State of the Union speeches?

PETA is going to get a letter. This is abuse.