Friday, October 08, 2004

Debates don't matter?

Debates don't matter? They're scripted? That's what PBS says:

They've been dubbed the Super Bowl of politics. At no other time during a campaign do so many millions of Americans focus on the choice before them. Debates can make or break a candidate.

George Farah thinks he knows what's happening.

When you have stultified debates that produce scripted sound bites rather than authentic discussion, the American people are gonna turn off their television sets.

Farah founded a nonpartisan organization called Open Debates. He says Americans are not getting the presidential debates we deserve.

The American people want to hear and see popular candidates discuss the important issues in an unscripted manner. That's what's at stake. Whether or not we're gonna have the right to witness an important conversation.

This is not AT ALL what Rove told me. He said it was more like the "Wizard of Oz." Georgie was the big green, scary blob on screen and Rove is the guy behind the curtain. Of course, the means I'm Toto.