Friday, October 22, 2004

Dogs rule. Pack of wolves not far behind

Finally, some notice for me from an editorial writer.

IF OUR DOGS could bark out something comprehensible, many U.S. canines might say Scottish terrier Barney Bush lives an enviable existence. Raised with a silver bone, Barney probably eats only the best vittles, sleeps in luxurious digs, gets scratched behind his delicately groomed ears by the most famous and powerful people in the world and gives tours on the Web of his pad.

It’s mostly true. Rove keeps my bowl full of Eukanuba. Hughes always scratches me behind the ears. I don’t , however, have a silver bone. I prefer to chew on poll results from Pennsylvania. ... at least I don't let O'Reilly soap my back.

But I give back, too. Where do you think the wolf ad came from?

UPDATE: Now the Dems have an ostrich and an eagle on the loose. Anything but Fifi. ...