Monday, October 18, 2004

GOP likes s-e-x

Here's a blockbuster from ABC News: People like sex - especially the GOP. (I  just tried to ask Rove about it, and he threw a Bible at me).

American Sex Lives 2004, a new "Primetime Live" sex poll conducted in conjunction with the ABC News Polling Unit, is among the most comprehensive surveys of its kind in decades and establishes a new, detailed picture of sex attitudes and behavior in America today.
Among the factors that impact the survey results is that more men identify themselves as Republicans and men are more likely to say they are sexually satisfied and enjoy sex "a great deal." Also, Democrats are more likely to be women; and the poll results show that women are more likely to fake orgasms.

And, apparently, Bill O'Reilly is more satisfied than most - on the phone and in the shower.