Thursday, October 07, 2004

Political analysis: gone to the dogs

This is what CNN, um, analyst, Mo Rocca said about me.

The Scottie is likable, feisty, a little rash. It urinates on itself uncontrollably at times, and yet it's forgiven over and over again. Although we'll see how much can be forgiven on Nov. 2.

Let's set the record straight. I wasn't urinating on myself. I was asked to comment on the Kerry tax plan.

Mo also talked about Kerry's German sheperd. Now, this makes sense

A male dog named Kim and, worse yet, it's spelled C-Y-M? I mean, that's just not going to play in swing states like Missouri. Or Michigan? Hello, not! In the rust belt, do you think anyone's going to go for a male dog named Cym? To me, that's got wacky billionairess written all over it. It's got Teresa's paw prints.

Just let that sissy dog into a Red state and see what happens.