Saturday, October 23, 2004

PowerlineBlog: Newspaper preparing October surprise for John Kerry

I was asking Rove what an October surprise is: "Halloween on a Sunday," he said.

I meant, what would be an October surprise for Kerry.

"That a Democrat still has a shot to win in October."

Rove is such is smart ass, sometimes (which is why I put a dead goose in his sock drawer with a note: "Love, JKerry" )

Still, Powerline Blog says there's an October surprise brewing for Kerry.

a major newspaper will break a front-page story Monday morning that could create a serious problem for the Kerry campaign.

UPDATE: has some theories as to what's going to break.

It's about Kerry and Tora Bora!

It's about Kerry's malfeasance as a prosecutor!

It's about Kerry's poor grasp of military affairs!

It's a sinister diversion by Darth Krempasky!

It's about Kerry's dishonorable discharge!

It's a classic case of FUD!

It's about Kerry lying about war crimes!

It's about Kerry's European divorce!

My sources say: Kerry ate dog in Vietnam!!!