Thursday, November 04, 2004

CNN: Writing about Dubya in HTML

CNN should come decript ciphers - or write them - for Rummy. Over at Wizbangblog, they've found some double-secret Fourth Estate code:

CNN Calls W Asshole
It used to be if you went to this Netscape/CNN page and right clicked on the image of George and Laura Bush you would see this filename (path snipped): asshole.jpg

Now they have changed the graphic file name to: georgelaura135.jpg

But they did not delete the old picture from the server [asshole.jpg]

Originally spotted by conelrad and left in the comments.

I mentioned this to Condi. She gave it to some codecrackers who found other tidbits:

Picture of John Kerry: monstermash.jpg

Picture of Alexandra Kerry: seethrumama.jpg

Picture of Collin Powell: chocolatethunder.jpg

Picture of John Ashcroft: porkrindvein.jpg

Picture of Dick Cheney: lordvader.jpg

Picture of John Edwards: v05formen.jpg