Thursday, November 04, 2004

Exit polls: Rigged and leaked to help Kerry?

There are theories floating everywhere about the early exit polls that showed Kerry crushing Georgie everywhere - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Guam, Mars, India, Pluto. At Political Animal, Kevin Drum keeps hearing that, "We wuz robbed!!" The one at Redstate:

The exit polling scam theories from this past Tuesday might be wrapped up in paranoia, but I doubt it. Both Dick Morris and Michael Barone think the Exit Polls were rigged to make Bush look bad, get the Republicans depressed, and supress the Republican turnout -- much like what happened in the panhandle of Florida when the media called Florida for Gore while the panhandle was still voting.

I think there's another explantion: Rove showed me some of the exit poll questions:

Ohio: If you're unemployed and Kerry gave everyone Big Macs for dinner and Bush gave away used enemas, who would you vote for?

Florida: If you're on Medicare and Kerry gave everyone free health insurance and Bush took your prescription drug money to play the lottery, who would you vote for?

Pennsylvania: If you have teenage children and Kerry gave them military deferments and Bush gave them M-16s and free apartments in Baghdad, who would you vote for?


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