Sunday, November 07, 2004

Rove: The architect

If I hear one more time that Rove is the "architect" I think I'm going to barf in the rose garden. It's going to his head. From the Washington Post:

John Weaver, a strategist for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) who ended a longtime feud with Rove this year when Bush sought McCain's help, said Rove has moved closer to the goal of creating a Republican majority not by seeking one big realigning election, but by recognizing that political change often is incremental and using every election to get a little bit closer.

"He gets three feet here, three feet there, constantly eroding the other side and grabbing turf," Weaver said. "He has proved his point that you can expand the base, and not just among white males, without drifting or modifying either language or policy. I'm not sure it would work with any other candidate, at any other time. But it worked, and he proved the skeptics wrong."

Rove's assessment is that the 2004 election pushed the country away from deadlock, where it had come to rest after the disputed election four years ago. "We now clearly are not the country that was 49-49," he said. "We're now at 51-48 and may be trending to 51-47. It is incremental but small, persistent change. We saw it in 2002, and we saw it again this year. . . . It tells me we may be seeing part of a rolling realignment."
Blah, blah, blah.

The part that didn't get in (OK, so I was eavesdropping in the limo when he was talking to Balz:

We're on our way to a Gideon Bible in every house. A portrait of Pat Robertson in every living room. Amen.

Well, know this. Rove was nervous when those first exits came in. He sent out some resumes before Fox and NBC called Ohio. Among his opportunities:

Vatican chief of staff (where he was going to install Southern Baptist as the new religion)

Head marketer, 700 Club

Editor in chief, Focus on the Family