Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Turnout, weather and Rove's plea for rain

It's all about turnout. True, true.

There's comment about that at Command Post:

It's all about turnout and weather affects turnout. So here are the forecasts for the key battleground states we identified yesterday.

There's also a mention of that at the Political Wire:

Weather can affect voter turnout, so it might be handy to know what the current forecast is for your area and what the road conditions are.

** Florida: Showers in the panhandle region, cloudy elsewhere.
** Ohio: Thunderstorms and rain across the state.
** Pennsylvania: Showers across most of the state.

There's an explanation for it.

Since Pat Robertson is off the team now, Rove talked directly with God. Rain on the Dems, sunny skies for the GOP. And just in case: We've got a NASA cloud seeder circling over Detroit.